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Assisting Migrants to choose right investments that can help them and their families migrate to desired destinations.


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We at Cross Border Legal, have experienced immigration lawyers and investment advisors to evaluate or analyze your business plans.

An excellent Investment or Business plan may not be good for immigration purposes and a good migration compliant investment doesn’t sound better from a business perspective. To balance both investment interests & immigration goals, an investor / migrant needs to consider various factors before deciding the investment vehicle or investing in an own business. Our migration attorneys understand your situation before rendering opinion on your proposed investment or migration plan.

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United States

Popular Visa Option

EB-5 Visa


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Start Up Visa


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Business Innovation 188

New Zealand

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Investor Visa


Investment Migration requires compliance with Emigrating Country and Immigrating Country Laws.

Leave your stress with us. We will guide you through simplified steps.

Transfering funds out of India? You may need to comply with FEMA Regulations.

We at Cross Border Legal provide consultancy and compliance strategies to deal with Indian Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) and Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) notifications.

While investment decision can be difficult but once you finalize your investment, the next step is to send money for qualifying investments outside India.

Money transfers are required to be compliant with the Indian FEMA Laws and violation thereof may lead to criminal and civil penalties.

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issue notifications from time to time under the provisions of FEMA for sending or receiving money from abroad

We make your task easier by advising current Reserve bank of India (RBI) regulations governing FEMA provisions for sending money abroad.

To know more about our offerings with compliance matters, contact us.


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Migration from one country to another is a journey and you need a reliable partner to sail through the process.

At Cross Border Legal, we assist and partner aspirants at each step to achieve best possible migration solution

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