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Migration Consultancy

We offer consultancy to choose the right destination based upon business, profession and also social & economic factors of each indvidual. Our advise is based on each indvidual social and economic factors and not general in nature.

Investment Opportunities

Many countries offer immigration based on investments either in Government Bonds or Businesses. We offer consultancy and support in countries of our operation to choose business that fit your investment requirement and is also in complaince with immigration needs.

FEMA Compliance

After you choose your destination and investment vehicle, next most important step is to send money in the country of your choice. We provide our expertise to stratagise your Indian FEMA requirements and comply with Reserve Bank of India regulations.

Legal Services

We offer our legal services in contract reviews, drafting of essential documents that are necessary to protect your interest in the proposed investment and to secure your assets in emigrating country. We also provide legal compliance services in the field of immigration

We are an enthusiastic team of Lawyers and Business Professionals from different parts of the globe assisting our client to chase their dreams across borders.

The Firm brings in the passion and experience of Attorneys to deal with investments and more particularly in due diligence of the deals proposed to be entered by the clients in different markets.

  • Visa Applications Approoved 95%
  • Approved Applicants successfully settled within 3 months 100%
  • Clients Happiness 100%
  • Applications held for revision 0%
Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh

Migration Lawyer

Gurpreet comes from a Legal background. He is a Licensed Attorney from New Delhi Bar, India and also a Registered Foreign Legal Consultant in California, USA. He has a vast experience in dealing with IP Protection and Licensing. . . .

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Maninder Singh Walia

Maninder Singh Walia

Business Research Analyst

Maninder comes from a research background. He has been in the field of Research from past one decade and has been successful to help his clients to achieve their goals by chosing their path for living. . .

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