Queensland temporarily suspends nominations for certain Business Categories

Queensland, Australia has recently announced temporary suspension of certain Business categories for Business and Innovation Visa (Sub Class 188A).

According to the advisory, Queensland has suspended applications for “Entry Level Wine Export and Tourism Business” for financial year 2016-17. In addition to this government has also announced that it will not accept proposals for “Entry Level Franchise, Small Retail and Small Hospitality Ventures”

Website of Queensland government quoted 

“Due to the high incidence of particular business proposals, BSMQ is temporarily suspending nominations for entry level wine export and travel and tourism businesses for 2016 – 2017 financial year. We recommend a reconsideration of business proposals and/or investment amount.

BSMQ does not accept proposals for entry level franchise, small retail and small hospitality ventures”

Business and innovation visa (Sub class 188A) is a temporary visa for establishing new business or acquiring an existing business in Australia. To be eligible, state nomination is required for qualifying business activities and minimum investment as decided by states.

If you are considering to establish a business in Queensland, Australia and also considering migration, contact us today for assessment of your business plans and qualifying investments. As our attorney says, “A good investment may not be good for migration and a investment for  migration purpose may not be good for Business returns. There needs to be a balance and informed decision by the potential applicant to avoid surprises”

We at Cross Border Legal assess and evaluate your business & migration plans so that an informed decision can be taken by the potential Business Immigrant.