The current Eb5 program is set to expire on April 28, 2017 unless granted another extention by the US Congress.

It is being debated that current $500.000 investment in Targetted Employment Area (TEA) be increased to $1,350,000.

Investor immigrants are chasing the sunset date to be able to reserve the spot in time.

With the new H1B policy fears, Information Technology (IT) professionals from around the globe are the new enterants opting for EB5 visas to reserve their spots with the regional centres in United States.

Meanwhile, USCIS is also making stringent compliance for Job Creation requirements as are required under the program by making visits to the projects where investors have invested money for migration purposes.

If you need any further information on the EB5 visas, please feel free to contact us and be compliant towards your journey to United States.