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Choosing a Regional Centre or investing in an old enterprise or planning to start your own business. Whatever the case may be, the choice of right partners could be tiring and sometimes lead to wrong decisions.

United States EB-5 program was started in 90’s to boost economic growth and also to increase job creation in America. Along with the EB 5 program in 1992, Regional Centre Program was also authorized by USCIS.

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Under the program, a qualified investor must invest $500,000 in Targeted Employment Area (TEA) or 1,000,000 in Non Targeted Employment Area (Non TEA) in a new commercial enterprise and create ten new jobs.

The requirements are not as simple as it seems but are rather more stringent. There may be some business activities which may not qualify for the commercial Enterprise. Similarly, there may be some Regional Centres who are not designated by USCIS or the designation has been removed by USCIS.

Job creation requirement stipulates that the jobs are required to be full-time and also to be lawful Permanent Residents or Citizens of United States.

We at Cross Border Legal shall ensure that your proposed investment qualifies the legal requirements of the program.

United States Employment Based Fifth Preference Visa (EB-5)


To be eligible an investor is required to invest qualifying investment in a new commercial Enterprise or in a troubled business.

Investment Migration starts at $500,000 for Targetted Employment Area (TEA) or $1,000,000 if the same is in non TEA.


The proposed investment should create at least Ten new full time jobs for the qualifying employees.

The Jobs so created could be Direct or Indirect depending upon the nature of investment through Regional Center Program, Direct Investment or in troubled business.


Processing Time

There are various steps to EB5 Visa Processing. The Petitioner files I526. On approval of I526, file is transferred to National Visa Center for further processing. At this stage, Petitioner either choses to file DS260 or petition for Adjustment of Status if in United States. 

Average Processing Time differs depending upon work load  with USCIS and applicant’s travel history, source of funds amongst others. 


What you get

EB5 visa or US Investment visa if granted provides Permanent Residency to Applicant, Applicant Spouse or Significant other and dependent childern under the age of 18 years. The green card granted is conditional for two years. After two years, a Petitioner is required to file I829 for Removal of conditions.

The conditions are removed after two years on successful presentation of evidence of capital investment and job creation.

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